Binance Offers Zero Trading Fees For Ethereum Ahead of Merge


  • This only applies to trading between Ethereum and BUSD.
  • Coinbase is evaluating the possibility of keeping both cryptocurrencies listed.

Since the release of Bellatrix, the upgrade to Beacon Chain that paves the way for the Ethereum Merge, is scheduled for September 6th. The prominent exchange Binance has stated that it would waive fees on trading to buy and sell ETH between August 26th, 2022 and September 26th, 2022. However, this only applies to trading between Ethereum and BUSD, Binance’s own stablecoin linked to the U.S. dollar.

Lower the barriers to entry for everyone, allowing as many users as possible to take part in a moment that is destined to change the history of Ethereum and, more broadly, to mark a major evolution within the entire crypto system.”

The Ethereum Merge is quickly approaching, and not only Binance is introducing new features to prepare for it. For instance, recently Coinbase said that it may offer the cryptocurrency that results from the split in the blockchain. Whether or not Ethereum will undergo its PoW split and whether or not the cryptocurrency anticipated to emerge from this fork will survive is still uncertain; however, we do know that Coinbase is evaluating the possibility of keeping both cryptocurrencies listed on its platform.

A few days ago, Bitfinex also introduced Chain Split Tokens, which enable traders to capitalize on a probable PoW split of Ethereum. The Ethereum Foundation has announced that the Bellatrix upgrade will go live on the Beacon Chain at epoch 144896 on September 6, 2022, at 11:34:47 am UTC. When the overall difficulty reaches the amount of 5875000000000000000, the final Merge will be triggered, and this is expected to happen on September 15.

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